Vasyl Kardash Memorial
Меморіял Василя Кардаша
22,01,1923 - 22,03,2002
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The passing of Vasyl Kardash leaves many of us with a sense of personal loss. He was a unique personality that left a strong impression after you met him. His unusually high competence with the Ukrainian language enhanced his impressive communications skills. His oratory was usually somewhat mesmerizing. 

Having survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, barely, on the brink of death, seemed to instil a dogged determination in his future undertakings.

Most of all, though, he had a passion and deep commitment to conveying his love for his music, culture and history. He did it with uncommon class. Over the decades, his members as well as audiences sensed his sincerity and love and admired him reciprocally. May God rest his soul.

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