Vasyl Kardash Memorial
Меморіял Василя Кардаша
22,01,1923 - 22,03,2002
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Grod, Plekan, Gorejko

Olya Odynsky-Grod

Addressing the Ukrainian Students’ Club at York University in Toronto (25 years after her years in the Baturyn Band and Dibrova Choir)  

“I know that my years with Mr. Wasyl Kardash in the choir started to shape my brain about Ukraina.  He explained every song’s context.  Why it was important.  How it related to the big picture.  I became very proud of our musical heritage.  Not only with my heart but with my brain.”                



Peter Plekan, 2002

Words cannot simply express to you, how deeply saddened I was when I heard of your father’s passing.

Your father was truly a unique individual, for whom I have always had the greatest admiration and respect.  I have never lost that admiration and respect, and never will.

I often reflect on my time with the ensembles under the direction of your father, of which I have wonderful memories.  I speak proudly of them to this day.  To understand this, one had to experience it and I am fortunate to have had this experience.

The memory of your father will always be with me.  I am honoured to have been in part of his life, and honoured to have had him in mine.

With sincerest condolences to you and your family,


Luby Gorejko, 2007

Excerpt from an email upon receiving the Vanguard Band “Glory to Our Heroes” CD.

...   As I sit here writing this e-mail the tears are beginning to stream down my face again, what incredible memories, what incredible opportunities coming flooding back. Your father brought so many people together and I learned more about what it meant to be Ukrainian next to him then all the years trying to be taught. ...

... the experience of a life-time which is something that I only begin to understand now from this perspective. ... Thank-you especially to all of you who worked on this CD. ...

With much affection,


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