Vasyl Kardash Memorial
Меморіял Василя Кардаша
22,01,1923 - 22,03,2002
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Sister Victoria Hunchak

Maestro – World Class – Wasyl Kardash

Since I have been in Toronto from 1981, I have been privileged to know Maestro Wasyl, to be enriched by liturgical music, which he conducted over many years.  I was edified at his gracious retirement, his fervent, humble and inconspicuous participation in the Divine Liturgy at St. Volodymyr Church in Thornhill prior to his eternal repose in the Lord.


When I was present at a liturgical service at which Maestro Wasyl conducted a choir, I was unfailingly uplifted in spirit and the service renewed my spirit.  Truly this was a time of worship.  I felt that Maestro Wasyl was fully imbued with the spirit of the text and shared this spirit with his choir members.  During the singing, I would reflect on the depth of his faith and love of God, which manifested itself in his directing.  As the saying goes:  You cannot give what you do not yourself possess.


Deeply ingrained in my memory and spirit was the way Maestro Wasyl conducted the male choir at the Requiem Divine Liturgy and at the liturgical service for the deceased, panachyda.  At one such funeral, at which Maestro Wasyl conducted the services, I was so “overwhelmed” by the depth and beauty of his conducting, that I asked him to conduct the choir at my funeral, at the very least to sing at the panachyda service.  Obviously, this was not in God’s plan, but I have hope that Maestro Wasyl will conduct the heavenly choir at my funeral in unison with the earthly choir!


I have fond memories of Maestro Wasyl as conductor of the band of the Youth Ensembles, the Chornobyl Commemorative Procession on the streets of Toronto, with the mournful beat of the drum and the plaintive and sombre playing of the band of “So sviatymy upokoy…”



Similarly I cherish the memories of countless upbeat processionals and rousing concerts of liturgical hymns on the Eparchial Day at the CNE in June and also at the Marian Pilgrimages at Mount Mary in Ancaster.



The performances were as close to perfect as humanly possible, but the accoutrement, the precision, the decorum and finesse were second to none. On all levels harmony prevailed!

Needless to say Maestro Wasyl was impeccable!


It has been said that the world will be saved not by philosophers or even theologians, but by beauty.  Truly Maestro Wasyl Kardash has contributed to beauty generously cultivating his gift, his plumbing of the depths of beauty and meaning, his inculcating and sharing this with the younger and older generation in his marching band, his choirs, his audiences! Thank you, Esteemed Maestro Wasyl!


May the memory of Maestro Wasyl Kardash be Eternal!


Respectfully submitted  March 13, 2009 at Toronto, ON.


Sister Victoria Hunchak

Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

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